Leadership x Arts (For non-artists too)

The second post in the leadership series is related to the arts, which is one of the many spaces I am in. This blog post comes from my workshops at Business and Arts South Africa Established Education Programme Workshops, which were supported by RMB and hosted at The Market Square Auditorium earlier this month. So here we go 5 take homes about leadership in the arts:

  1. The arts is not a charity
    • It is important that we present ourselves as businesses do. Too often we find ourselves dependent of funding and when the funding arrives we live hand to mouth… this is not sustainable and links to point number two
  2. It is imperative that the arts remains sustainable
    • It is up to the leadership in the space to ensure this; so strong strategies must be in place to make sure we maintain a strong presence in society
  3. Diversify
    • Sometimes we limit ourselves in our understanding of the arts and how we can use it… To survive we must diversify and this is closely linked to the next point
  4. Collaborate
    • Keeping things to yourself is not always the best idea. Collaboration can help bring a competitive edge to your product and it could help you keep with the times… making you sustainable
  5. Embrace your uniqueness
    • Arts is a form of expression, be it individual expression, collective expression, a reflection on society or a specific topic. In all of this it is important to embrace what represents you and your organisation

“You need to know who you are; what hat are you wearing?”- Ismail Mahomed

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