Leadership x Womanhood (For men too)

“I celebrate my womanhood every day. I am never ashamed of my womanhood or my femininity… [it] is my strength.”- Ipeleng Mkhari


It has been almost 3 weeks since I have blogged and basically I have been in conferences, workshops, meetings and classrooms consuming information. Now it is time to share… in quick guide posts. The first post I am going to share is leadership and womanhood. This post was interesting to put together because to be honest, men can learn a lot from these lessons too. The title comes more from where I learnt the lessons than who the lessons apply to; so hopefully you read beyond the title.

The 10 lessons I learned at the Quality Life We Lead 12th Annual Women in Leadership Conference:


  1. Always have a big vision in your rear view mirror
    • Even when completing the small tasks it is important to lead with a bigger vision in mind and to have this vision present where you can always see it
  2. Consistency
    • Speaking of small steps. Make sure your steps are consistent. If you have the vision in your mirror the whole way it is easy to spot when you stray off the path. This also helps those in your team stay focused and clear.
  3. Lead with Humanity
  4. Lead with Excellence, Empathy and Ethics
  5. Always look for new things about yourself and your team. Reduce your blind spots
    • The more you know and understand about yourself (and team) the more you will be able to…
  6. Stay true to the core
  7. Revenue is vanity. Look at sustainability
    • If you stay focused on revenue you may drop the ball of your vision when the revenue stops. If you focus on sustainability the revenue will be one of many results of the consinstant work
  8. Be a daredevil
    • The worst thing that could happen is that you learn a few lessons
    • Break a few rules (with humanity, excelence, empathy and ethics of course)
  9. Don’t say yes to everything
    • Remember the core, remember the vision. Keep your eye on the prize and your team will do the same
  10. Keep moving… stand up and JUST KEEP MOVING


“We (men) may fuel the planet but you [women] make it rotate”- Ismail Mahomed

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