The Other Woman

As part of my promotion of reading and writing I started The B Collection, a subsection of The B MovementBasically it is a collection of written works that speak to my personal life, this includes poems, short stories, letters, quotes. etc. The first publication of the collection is called “Mending a Broken Heart” and speaks about when I went on a journey, falling in love with myself again after going through a rather complicated relationship. The idea is that after I have released a publication I will host a series of discussions linked to the theme of the book. On Saturday 25th February I saw my first discussion come to life.


The topic of this discussion was The Other Woman and we had power author Cheryl Ndoro read a chapter of her upcoming book to the attending Movement Members; following which we opened the floor up to participation. The discussion was not just around her book and her experience but rather a discussion around people’s experiences, perspectives and queries. As time went on the space grew safer  and as a result people grew more open and honest. We spoke about financial leverage, time management, “the rules of being a side chick” among many other things and in the two hour discussion debates occurred, collaborative answering of questions occurred but most importantly silent moments of reflection occurred and I thought I would share my top 5 “take-aways” with all of you:


  1. “Why do you carry a bag that is not yours.”– meaning do not carry around someones  baggage. Sometimes the cheating, lies and deceit has nothing to do with you so just keep moving
  2. “This was my situation then; this is not who I am now.
  3. “I didn’t want to react to the lady because she was trouble in my past. There was no need for me to bring her into my present.”
  4. “You cannot tell someone what to do so rather work on yourself and watch the world around you change
  5. Do what is right for you because if you are always looking out for other people, who are looking out for themselves, no-one will be looking out for you.”


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