Lessons from an online guru

In 2014 I made the decision to focus my energy on teaching and learning. In this time I have discovered a vast range of theories and approaches through which I managed to develop my own perspective of a learning space and all the characters that make up its story line. Given the environments that I found myself in, particularly in 2015, I developed a skill for creating learning out of “nothing”– by nothing I mean no classrooms, no paper, no chalk board, no stationery, no formal learning structure. etc- this allowed me to start seeing the world, in its barest form, as a stage for the performance of learning 2.0. It was in 2016 where my journey brought me to the crossroads of the physical world vs the online world.


Though I have always had a presence online, I began to discover that I was not maximising on the learning, and teaching, opportunities it afforded. I began to become more conscious about my interactions online and followed an array of individuals, from bloggers, to vloggers, to multinational organisations, to celebrities, to “unsung community heroes” and this opened me up to so much more. It allowed me to see the greater impact I could make from the comfort of my room or a coffee shop or an airport during a 9 hour layover. After some observations I began to try my hand at this online sharing thing and snuck in and out of platforms with strategic posts and engagements, while maintaining my personal, somewhat haphazard, presence. It was only closer to the end of 2016 that I made the conscious decision to run onto this online stage and recite my improvised monologue for the world to see. Just as I was about to “make it rain” I was approached by a friend and colleague, Kim Jayde– who you can follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook  and on her blog. She shared her personal story of how she entered and grew in the online space and what the outcomes have been for her (a story I am hoping she will publish in a book in my lifetime). I was overwhelmed by the amount of intention, consciousness and HEAVY psychology that went behind it all. One of the things that particularly fascinated me was how she managed to effectively and genuinely represent herself virtually, to people who have never met- and might never meet- her.


After this long, deep conversation with Kim I began to think about how much people could gain from her insights, not just for the online world but for the real world. I then decided to organize an interactive training session with her for the staff in my company Luk Arts.

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It would be an injustice for me to try put in this blog what we gained from this session but here are my top 5:


  1. Know your strengths and weaknesses
  2. We all have a voice now… stay true to yours without diminishing those of others
  3. Channel your energy towards things and people who will have a positive influence on you and/or your organisation
  4. Anything you do must be intentional… and so you must always think of the impact and consequences
  5. Pace yourself

I am very grateful for the learning opportunity that Kim Jayde has afforded not just me but my staff too. Once again it has been proven to me that there is even more learning to be acted out in the world of online stages.

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