10 Quirky things I do- A response to all the memories shared in replies to Friday’s incident

After playing Friday’s incident over and over in my mind, you can read it here My body was never only mine , I felt really down but the responses I have been getting have been nothing but magic and love. So many people reminding me of all the silly, joyful, crazy, out of this world things I do and say… some of which I will continue to deny until my dying day *hides*. By the end of the weekend I found myself going through facebook posts and pictures of myself and laughing at how absolutely wonderfully crazy I am. So I thought I would  write this blog post to share with all of you some laughs and giggles about me and radiate the smile you have all put on my face. Here it goes… 10 Quirky things I do and think:


  1. When I am in a room with a ceiling fan I will not switch it on because I am scared that it will get loose, spin around uncontrollably and cut my head of. Apparently that falls under the hypochondriac lane but I prefer the Urban dictionary name for it Fanaphobia
  2. I taste everything on the plane food tray even if I’m not hungry, in case there is something that tickles my taste buds. If I am hungry I do the same thing at the beginning of my meal so I can decide what I am going to eat last… because we always save the best for last
  3. I talk to myself out loud when serious decisions must be made… and of course I always have the final say on the way forward
  4. I sarcastically mumble things to unpleasant service providers… in a not so inaudible way and then swiftly move on… eg: “Well ma’am I can make an appointment but only if you need the doctor to do a check up.” “Well thank you for offering me that option because I really enjoy calling doctor’s receptions and asking for an availability so I can come in have some tea with the nursing staff but TODAY I will take option number 2… the check up.”
  5. I love to blast music and pretend I am in a music video… this happens in my room, in the car and on a good day in the aisles of shops (even when I do not know the songs they are playing *giggle giggle*)
  6. When I am really stressed I begin to imagine the situation in cartoons… It has a kind of calming, unreal affect and it often prevents me from breaking down during the moment… Though they have been moments where my response will be out of place because the cartoon version is more interesting than the real life version
  7. I compete with people over silly things like who can eat the fastest… but this only happens in my mind so that if I lose it’s okay because no-one knows we were competing anyway so no-one will ever know I lost
  8. When I receive text messages I read it in different tones so that I can get a better perspective of where the writer may be coming from… I thank developers for emojis every day, more people should use them
  9. I people watch…. ALL THE TIME… I go to coffee shops on my own and create stories out of peoples facial expressions and actions
  10. I often scroll through social media platforms and imagine what people’s lives would be if it was the exact opposite of what they were posting. Then I put that all together and conclude that what I came up with is the more real life version of you… I think it also helps me cope with how extreme people’s lives are on social media… In my mind people can’t ALWAYS be #livingyourbestlife #blessingsonblessingsonblessing or #lifesucks #miserable so I create #letsbereal #ontheothersideofthecoin

Oh my word, even writing this has got me in stitches… I am so far off from normal but who cares… normal is overrated.




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