Young people being awesome

Over the past five days I have been school hoping in and around the DC area and every evening I promise myself that I will write a short blog about my experiences. True to my character I end up getting back and passing out on my bed until the next morning so I decided I will either do one post about all the schools tomorrow or split it over the next few days (Be prepared for a possible binge post). Then I met these awesome ladies attending one of the schools and I had to sneak something in about them.


So basically on Tuesday one of the schools we visited (which I will go into more detail about when I get my life together) was Woodrow Wilson and at our visit a few seniors came for a little lunch time mingle. I had the great pleasure of meeting three amazing ladies: Amara, Sophie and Autumn. These ladies are all in their final year of high school and have known each other for most of their schooling career but what makes them awesome is their sense of action. They invited me to join their weekly Human Rights Club meeting that happens on a Thursday during lunch… yes that is right they voluntarily meet up every Thursday during their break time to discuss human rights and what is happening in the USA.


Of course me being me I took up the opportunity to join this meeting; The only expectation I had was a group of about 5 12th Grade students engaging with one another on a prominent topic around Human Rights. Well that was thrown out the window when about 20 students from various years walked in overwhelmingly excited to spend their break time in a class room. Alright well now I am really excited to be here. What followed was even better.


So Amara and Sophie are the leaders and founders of Human Rights club and they had chosen the topic Judicial Abuse (and their friend Autumn is the founder of The Renaissance, an addition to the school paper). They started the session with an activity where each group  had a picture and had to place it under one of the right topics of judicial abuse (see image below). Following this they gave more information on each person and presented some statistics on police brutality, mass incarceration and the death penalty. At the end of the session they opened up a discussion on whether the death penalty should be abolished.



What amazed me was the manner in which everything happened. Every student that was there wanted to be there and was actively involved in the conversations; Disagreement was encouraged and managed better than a lot of adult conversations I have been in but most importantly everyone had a clear understanding of what is happening and what they would like to see happen in the USA.


So yes I thought I would take the time to show everyone just another example of young people just, you know, being young people… AWESOME AGENTS OF CHANGE.

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